Contest of the 2020 – illustration of Oleg Semenov`s story about manuls and people.

 All bounds are closed! we announce The contest of the year 2020 so that To Stay closer to one another and Spend the Time  of the world`s quarantine useful ! This year we illustrate the story about manuls and people! All events and characters are fictional. Any coincidences are random.


So Every week we will post a part of the story and give a topic for drawing. Professionals, enthusiasts and, of course, children of all ages can participate in the competition.

our constant sponsor publishing “Nashe Slovo”, provide prize for the winners books: book, charters, postcards and certificates ! This year we invite all the willing to be sponsor and take part in a good deed, giving gifts to the winners, adults and kids. 

The contest is opened from March 15 th

to November 15 th , 2020!


On this page you can register yourself as a sponsor or an artist or send us your pallas cat illustration. To register just leave a comment “I`m in” at this page *(For more information about participation, see the end of this page or under the poster on Instagram).


If you don`t have social media accounts, then you can send an application by pushing the “I`m in” button and filling out the feedback form.

“A thousand lee way”, author: Semenov Oleg.

 Semenov Oleg was a winner of a literature contest of the year 2019 and nominated for illustration of his story in 2020. That more people stay

attentive to the problems of manuls, that more chances we have to survive on this earth. After placing of all parts, the whole story can be read here! In the meantime…. Looking forward to the continuing of the story.

As our story is not translated into English, we offer you to illustrate plots by our description:

1 illustration. Slim blonde with Asian appearance and cat manul.
2 illustration . Image of a villain, influential man, enemy, stealing manuls and other rare species of
3 illustration. Image of a thief – brunette in the brown hat with a very kind face – manul`s friend, who
stole it to save.
4 illustration. Manul in the zoo.
5 illustration. Sad manul.
6 illustration. Manul in the reserve.
7 illustration. Happy and joyful manul walking around the reserve with family and children and people
ride a truck with transparent windows, watching the life of manul family and other animals in the park.

Important! According to the story, manul`s name is Pushistik and his tail is chopped off.

The more illustrations you send, the more chances to fight for the prize you have. We didn`t translate
sponsor`s page into English, but all the prizes to the winners are in the picture on the link>


Are you ready to join our worldwide contest?

Exellent! Then, lets ride! This year we hold a competition
to support manuls and people! Competition is held by a real cat manul, listed in the Red book! He works
as a mascot in the “Our word” publishing house for a second year! It is he who offered to support the
entire planet with this contest!

We illustrate a story about manuls and people. Illustration is allowed with any material by our
storyboard to the story or in the free form. There are no restrictions! Deadlines of admission of
illustrations – until November 15, 2020 inclusive. Drawing is allowed in any style with any materials!
To participate, you need:
 Love our planet.
 Subscribe the organizer @topmanul.
 Make a repost of a poster with tag #topmanul_art so we could find you.
 Write a comment “I`m in” to the poster and invite one of your friends, preferably an artist.

To fight for the best prizes subscribe our favorite sponsors in the Instagram:
 @italia_miabella
 @mpmart_official
 @maliviches

 @martena_store
 @dr.vorobev
 @ikvest_games
 @art_lifehack
 @letitprint
For those who don`t have Instagram, you can send works by mail All details and the story itself is posted by the organizer of the contest and at our site, but it is available only in Russian, that is why we offer you ready scenes for illustration on this page and under the poster on the Instagram. Here you can find sponsor`s page with a detailed list of the prizes for the participants and the winners. Anyone can become a sponsor or a participant

Animals have always supported people and made them happy. Without people`s help many rare species would have disappeared long ago! This contest is to support every species! Let us unite! Cat manul loves you! Take care of each other and manuls.



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