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Иллюстрации манулов от Елизаветы Соколовой , подробнее об

участниках проекта читайте на странице "обробно о нас".

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Would you like to blog about the manul on Instagram, VK or any other social media? Please write us and we will provide you access to the maintenance of one of our pages in the social networks or come to us with your page having sufficient number of subscribers which you want to devote to manul and materials about it from our resource only. The laureate will be awarded with a prize at the day of manul.


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                                                     Tell everyone about how to help manul.

You can:

  • send us your picture of wild cat manul. 


In any technique and style.

  • tell about 10 reasons why nobody can keep manul at home. 


In poetry, prose, comics or image.

  • translate an interesting article about manuls and send it to us. 


From any language, link for the source is required.

  • draw your own informative comics about the life of wild cat manul. 

Important condition ! The
comics should be realistic and in funny and/or interesting form talking about real life, features and
problems of manuls as an rare species. 

  • illustrate a fairytale, story or narrative about the manul . 

It will be necessary to coordinate
with us the principal image of the manul and the version of the tale. The tale can be either your
own of a folk one.

  • send your cartoon about the manul or video presentation about any contest topic. 


Video screensavers for the site and it`s sections are welcome.

  • make a banner for our project. 


Send your banners to our e-mail adress.

  • If you are involved in handiwork and make crafts and decorations with an image of the manul, please send photos of your work for the prize fund of the section “manul through the eyes of children”.


Please send applications for participation in the prize fund to our e-mail address.

  • write your own story, poem or interesting tale with the participation of manul. 


You can send poems and short stories both in the comments to the blog and by sending an e-mail to our e-mail address.

  • proofread this site. 


Or any other kind deed, supporting the project and the wild cat manul.

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